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The aftermath of two recent car explosions in Syria. The figures were cited today in newspaper Dagens Nyheter, with Ibrahim Bouraleh, chairman of the Islamic Association in Järva in northern Stockholm, claiming that many parents are ashamed and afraid to seek help. There are rumours that the young women have joined the fight in Syria as soldiers, while others are going over to marry rebels. The Swedish intelligence service, Säpo, has previously said that at least 75 Swedish nationals joined al-Qaeda inspired groups in Syria inbut most of them are men.

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Fri party leader Jan Björklund. Liberals push for clamp-down on child marriage grimas My playlist Finns på Min blad Share Updated torsdag 2 februari kl In July , Sweden strengthened its laws against forced marriage knipa child marriage. The country does anmärkning recognize marriages registered abroad if one of the parties is under 15 years old and the minimum age for marrying in Sweden is However, Swedish law assumes all foreign marriages should be recognized if they are legal according to the laws of the country where the marriage took place. In Sweden, unions made abroad between an adult and someone under the age of 18 have been certified by Swedish authorities. In , Swedish Radio reported how the city of Malmö placed 59 minor-aged girls into housing with their adult husbands. Again in , the Swedish Tax Agency mistakenly recognized the marriage between a year-old girl and a year-old man. Both were asylum seekers and the marriage was later annulled once authorities learned of it.

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