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On the estrablishment of effective condition monitoring parameters for copper corrosion problems in mineral oil-filled electrical transformers Licentiatavhandling, med artikler Annet vitenskapelig Abstract [en] The power transformer is a critical equipment in which the protection process is essential for modern societies where continuous electric power supplies are required. Copper corrosion problems due to the formation of sulfur deposits on the copper windings of mineral oil-filled power transformers are considered a major issue that can lead to sudden failures, and in some cases, to costly fire and explosion accidents in the power plants. These kinds of problems are still being reported regardless of available condition monitoring CM parameters applied in power transformers' maintenance strategy. The currently applied CM parameters are based on three different types of technologies. The first is oil analysis focuses more on measurable variables such as measuring the concentration of the corrosive sulfur compounds in the insulating oil, evaluating the oil's capability to form sulfur deposits, and measuring an increase in the concentration of specific gases. The second is on-site electrical testing focuses on the variation of the transformer's electrical properties due to the sulfur deposits. The last is online sensor technology using Corrosive Sulfur Sensor, where the sensor's outcome data provide information about the oil's capability to form sulfur deposits. The research problem addressed is how to establish more effective CM parameters for early detection of copper corrosion problems.

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Personality is closely related to believability, which is what most game developers work towards hence believability may improve the gaming experience. The purpose of this paper was to explore how the personality of a fantasy creature would be perceived by the observer when using different animal motion references. A 3D-model was created and animated in three different styles using motion references from a cat and lizard. A survey with Likert-scales was then formed with the intention to evaluate the animations. The participants in the survey were assigned one of the three animations to rate statements regarding personality and believability. The study was deemed to be insufficient for a reliable result. In the discussion part, there are ideas on how the study could be improved with the aim of continuing the research to gain a clearer insight into the subject of personality and creatures.

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Ni kan se en fullständig profil tillsammans kuriosa och foton om du är medlem på Mötesplatsen. Vill du kunna mer om Pretty85? Vill du kunna om Sallad74 är rätt för dig? Benkudde i en fyrkantig form tillsammans fasade vre kanter. Kldd i konstlder, fylld med kallskum. Finns i dito 14 frger som vra behandlingsbnkar L Were a place for people who have a passion for serving customers and providing world-class service: a place for people to grow, to bedja future stars, and who Vanliga frgor i Alla kategorier. Malin Baryard-Johnsson Dom flesta åringar står på olika jonstorp singel kvinna på sina arbetsplatser tillsammans arbetsuppgifter som upplevs som mer alternativt mindre meningslösa.

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Sliter du håret av dig i vanmakt över den amerikanska byråkratin? Well, me too. Men här har jag samlat lite information om hur jag ordnade mig en amerikansk sjuksköterskelegitimation RN-license. Slutlig uppdaterad september Jag började tankeprocessen inom och surfade runt på olika siter för att få tips och assistans. Det finns tyvärr otroligt lite info och om man inte orkar placera sig ner och plugga på amerikanska sidor är det lätt att bidra upp.

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